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Dec 8, 2020

Hey there, Fit sisters in Christ! 

I know it’s cold, I know the couch is calling your name – mine too! I know it’s harder than ever to workout with many of our gyms and group classes closed, and did I mention Christmas cookies?

We can’t even really go anywhere and yet they’re everywhere!

The deck may look stacked against us, but God! Friends, He is with us on our fitness journey. 

Today I’m going to share “5 Must Know Quotes (based on scripture of course) to Power Your Fitness Journey!” 

Here on Strong. Confident. His., we don’t do perfect, we practice grace. We know that if we seek Him first and surrender our food, our workouts, and even what we see when we look in the mirror to Him, we are going to be free from the dieting emotional roller coaster, the fight for motivation, and our self view becomes a reflection of Him rather than what we want to change. Praise God for the freedom only He brings.

Let’s do this!

Press play, and get filled with Godly fuel and fire to power your fitness journey.

With a heart full of hope for you, sweet friend!

Remember you are Strong. Confident. His. 

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