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May 28, 2020

Today’s show is real talk for women who love Jesus and fitness but can’t seem to get to their goals…

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me what the secret to success was, I’d have a million dollars!

Success with losing weight, toning up, leaning out, landing a magazine cover, starting a business, book or podcast.

People reach out to me in desperation and beg me to give them the secret, but sweet friend, it does not exist!

So why is it so hard to make healthy living a habit? 

Even when we’re armed with our greatest determination and countless diet and training plans, it should be easy; but it’s not. 

Somewhere between setting fitness goals and facing reality, we trade healthy habits for quick-fix gimmicks and temporary results. 

But where is Jesus in any of this?

I left Him out of my fitness goals for far too long.

My painful battle with losing weight and keeping it off led me to dark, desperate places where I tried diet pills and every fad diet I could find, and the end result was weight gain, frustration, and further self-loathing. Weighing myself daily, the number on the scale would determine my mood until God showed me how incredibly unhealthy this was and how to stop the vicious cycle.

I know how hard this is.

Even when we know better, we get tripped by the easy way out, quick fix gimmick, could it be true will it work, it’s like they get us in our low points and it’s just too irresistible for us not to try it, right?

Just as I did, I want to help you trade the crazy chaos for success as a fearfully and wonderfully made woman of God.

In prayer, God gave me this to give to you. 

My Success Equation:

Seek + Surrender + Show Up  = Success

Seek God + Surrender it Daily to Him + Show Up for Him = Success

Okay now you know I’m never going to leave you without asking you to get into action…nothing happens without action and I’m here to be your accountability partner.  

Join my Power Up Challenge!

Come say hello on social media and let me know what S spoke to you the most, or how this formula helped you.

When you do…you’re automatically entered into my Power Up Challenge! I pick one winner every week, and you’ll get Either a 10 minute call from me, a copy of my best-selling christian fitness book Faith Inspired Transformation, the FIT workout series or some fun Christian swag.

 I’m invested in your success friend. 

If you’d like to start applying these 3 S’s today..make sure you go to my site and download my free resources..

Cheers to seeking, surrendering and showing up! 

Can I get an Amen!

Remember, sweet friend,  

God only made 1 you!

He calls you His masterpiece, you are a piece of the Master

You are Strong. Confident. His. 

From my heart to yours.

God bless,


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