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Mar 29, 2021

Have you ever gotten thrown off track with your fitness?

You’re doing great, you’re working out, you’re eating right, and then all of a sudden you get off track and you can’t seem to get back on course?

Listen HERE to get back on track today:

Mar 27, 2021

For the girl who often...Second-guesses herself, struggles with her worth, or finds herself self-sabotaging her goals:

Did you know you don't have to feel or live this way?

Sweet friend, don’t let this thinking rob you of the life Christ died to give you any more.

Listen HERE:

Mar 25, 2021

Are your fitness goals sitting on a shelf, because you don’t have a system to complete them?

So often God is the last place we go for our fitness, but He needs to be the first place we run! His Word is our true strength training for our heart and mind.

We’re in the world but not of it, so the things the world does...

Mar 23, 2021

Learn how to get free from feelings of less than, because you were made for more.

Has anyone ever told you that God calls you His Masterpiece?

Sweet friend, that means you are a Piece of the Master! 

In the world we live in though, we often find ourselves believing we’re not enough, but we will be once we lose weight...

Mar 22, 2021

Are you tired of dieting? Overwhelmed by the varying opinions of what to eat? Looking for a Word-based approach to lasting health and fitness?

If so, sweet friend, THIS episode is just for you.

Join me today to learn a Word-based solution to dieting and get a 5-Step System that works.

Faith Fuel

“For God gave us a...