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Mar 29, 2022

Although I’m pointing to answers, I want to always first point straight to God because He is our answer to everything! These questions came from my online community, I highly encourage you to join us! We talk about all things faith, fitness, womanhood, food, and all of the above!! Join us here!

Never miss an episode,...

Mar 22, 2022

Today I’m answering your questions! If you’re experiencing any of these: hormones, cravings, hopelessness, age-related weight gain, lack of desire to workout, wondering how to get your abs back after baby, wanting to know what my favorite God-made meals are, my thoughts on intermittent fasting, finding joy, or what...

Mar 15, 2022

I recently did a survey on my Instagram about the type of content you would like to see and a behind-the-scenes look into my life and schedule was surprisingly one of the most requested topics!

I know what it’s like to live without order, without a plan, without structure, and by my emotions. This taught me everything...

Mar 8, 2022

Do you ever struggle with how to balance the big goals of your heart with taking care of your family and taking care of yourself?

If finding that balance and showing up well in life is something you are longing to do, this episode will bless you.

Glenda Alvarez is my guest on the podcast, The Strong. Confident. His....

Mar 1, 2022

Do you ever feel like you are just failing at everything you set out to do some days? From fitness to parenting - the devil is eager to get into our heads! He wants you and me to believe that we are failures, that we are worthless and not worthy of the grace and love God has already given to us. 

I say - NO MORE!