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Mar 25, 2020

If you’re a Christian woman who loves Jesus and fitness, but you’re:

  • Frustrated trying to lose weight
  • Tired of dieting
  • Exhausted from trying to get fit
  • If the number on the scale makes you feel like a failure
  • If you see pictures of yourself and want to cry because you don’t even recognize yourself anymore
  • If you’ve given up on dreams because you don’t believe in yourself
  • If you think you’re too old, or it’s too late 
  • If you’re overwhelmed with all the opinions on what to eat, how to workout and what to do to be confident

The Strong. Confident. His. Podcast is your answer.

We’re going to deconstruct the way the world does fitness, and learn faith-filled solutions to gain control over food, get fit and confidently see ourselves through His eyes.

I want you to walk away with strategies, recipes, workouts, playlists, scriptures and prayers to equip and empower you to be God’s best version of you.

I want you to know this is the show that’s going to help you.

And not only give you word-based motivation and inspiration, but real action steps that are going to help you reach your goal. 

We’re going to hear from women just like you who overcame their issues.

I want to hear from you. I want to know what your goal is and what’s holding you back.

If you have Christian friends who you think would benefit from this kind of information and support, please let them know about this show.

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God has blessed me to be a best-selling Christian fitness author and the creator of the Faith Inspired Transformation Workout Series, so I’m on a mission to help you become Strong. Confident. His.